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L'opérette est dans le pré!
Sunday, August 22 at 18:00 in the courtyard of Castle :
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Brief genealogy of the Mézerville in Costa Rica

1) Amélie Coupé emigrated to Guatemala with her two children: Emile de Mézerville Coupé, born in 1840 in France and Camile de Mézerville Coupé, born in 1843 in France.

2)- Camile de Mézerville Coupé died very young in Belize

2)- Emile de Mézerville Coupé married in 1874 in Guatemala, Noémie Ossaye Millelot, born in Canada. They had six children:

3) Emile (born in France), Leonor (Fr.), Camile (Guat.), León (Fr.), and Jules (Fr.) de Mézerville Ossaye.
After the death of Emile, Noémie emigrated to Costa Rica in 1898 with her kids.

3)- Emile married Rosario Guardia. They didn’t have any descendants.

3)- Leonor married Rodolfo Espinosa. They had two daughters:

4) Nora and Teresa Espinoza de Mézerville. Their descendants live in Salvador.

3)- Camile married Felicia Quirós. They had seven children;

4)- Julio and Margarita, Jorge, Enrique, Hortensia, Eugenia and Felicia de Mézerville Quirós.

4)- Jorge de Mézerville Quirós married Maruja Zeller. They had three children.

5)- Gastón, Jorge and Denisse.

4)- Enrique de Mézerville Quirós married Iside Robles. They had four children.

5)- Enrique, Eduardo, Javier and Ileana.

4)- Hortensia de Mézerville Quirós married Marco A. Madriz. They had four children.

5)- Olga, Marco, Guillermo and María.

3)- Ester, without any descendants.

3)- León, married Lolita Gené. They had four children:

4)- Oscar, Rodrigo, Hernán and Noemi de Mézerville Gené.

4)- Oscar and Rodrigo didn’t have any descendants.

4)- Hernán de Mézerville Gené married Florita Cantillo. They had four children.

5)- Hernán, Oscar, Leon and Marcelle de Mézerville Cantillo.

4)- Noemi de Mézerville Gené married Aquileo Coto. They had seven children :

5)- Ana Lucia, Enrique, Rodrigo, Guillermo, Patrcia, María Inmaculada and Aquileo Coto de Mézerville.

3)- Jules, without any descendants.

The first member of the family who came to the castle was 6)- Roberto de Mézerville Arias, son of 5)- Leon de Mézerville Cantillo. Then there were the visits of 5)- Olga Madriz de Mézerville and her children 6)- Ignacio, Cecilia and Inés Sancho.
Then the visits of 5)- Guillermo Madriz de Mézerville, 5)- María Madriz de Mézerville and her daughter 6)- Karina Lesko and also 6)- Karina de Mézerville Arias.

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