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Your stay at Mézerville castle


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Satisfied enough with the quietness/calmness here?

Do you feel immersed by the history of the walls that surround you? Did you go down to the dungeon? To the fitness room next door?
When you come back from a walk or when the weather doesn’t inspire you, we offer you to enjoy your living room in the attic with its games, movies and documentaries (to be watched projected on the wall!)
Do you want to go out and discover the surrounding area?

There are many possibilities! And this small selection is far from being exhaustive! We are open to other suggestions.


Less than 1 hour from the castle :

Sport / active activities / leisure : 

  • Walk in the countryside around the castle:

    You, your foot, your eyes and your ears! We can also borrow you bikes.
  •  The equestrian center of Garrigal

    Get to know the horses and enjoy your trip to get ready for the “gallop 7”: Aurélie will adapt! We like her a lot (even if for us, it’s unfortunately out of the question to ride a horse, we are much more afraid of horses than ghosts ;)), she has a lot of qualities: simplicity, authenticity, calmness and a great capacity to listen. She also offers horse therapy sessions.
    The equestrian center of Garrigal is one of our partner, you will benefit prices reduction if you go on our behalf.
    To go: 2 min drive to “Salles sur l’Hers”. 
    Contact : Aurélie, 06 37 28 58 78
  • The nautical base of Ganguise

    Various rentals or courses are available at the nautical base of the Ganguise lake: windsurfing, canoeing, catamaran, paddles… you can also simply swim!
  • To go: 10 min drive.
    Contact : 11410 BELFLOU
    Tel :
  • WaterZone at Thésauque Lake
    A floating adventure composed of various modules (trampolines, slides, obstacles, blump, etc.). To go: 30 min drive 
    31560 Montgeard
  • Urban Corp indoor obstacle course

    If you want to move outside your box or if the weather is not that great, there is a place for it at Toulouse, the first one of France and Europe as they say! Dedicated to parkour, urban climbing, trampolines and more. For the most athletic among you but also accessible to children from 8 years old. You can book a private session with a coach who will offers team games.

    To go: 45 min drive.
    31000 Toulouse

  • Escape Game

    Same as the previous activities (indoor at Toulouse), exercise another muscle: the brain! Their promise: to transport you in stimulating and instructive adventures with unique/true of life sets. Thanks to a sound and visual immersion, and to innovative mechanisms, they invite you in an intrigue where you will be the main actor. To go: 50 min drive.
    30 rue des Paradoux
    31000 Toulouse
  • There is another one at Carcassonne with different rooms, also at 50 min drive.
    40 rue Antoine Armagnac
    11000 Carcassonne
    tel : 06 13 19 57 48 – 06 87 78 28 98

Discovery tours : 

  • Visit of the Belpech church

    You will instantly see its 12th century Romanesque portal. The sculpted modillions reveal a frightening bestiary, surmounted by small characters in an illustration of dangers that the fishermen of that time were facing. Once past the gate, you pass through an outdoor courtyard to reach a gothic style church where other heritage treasures are kept to discover! You may be lucky to be guided by Auguste Armengaud, son of the country and passionate about the history of his village. He had been for many years the president of the historical society of Belpech and Garnaguès. To go: 15 min drive.
Atelier teinturier musee mazere
  • Mazères museom, Ardouin hotel

    Located in a beautiful 16th century pastry hotel, the Ardouin Hotel Museum is bordered by a renaissance garden (medicinal plants, vegetables, topiaries). Reconstruction of an interior from the beginning of the 20th century and a dyer’s workshop. Famous people in Mazères from the 12th to the 16th century (including Gaston Phœbus). The culture of pastel and its history. Excavations of the Merovingian necropolis of Bénazet.

    05 61 60 24 62 /
    Rue de la République 09270 Mazères

  • Birds domain at Mazère

    This park, installed on a 100-hectare domain, offers you the opportunity to discover anytime, and in a total freedom, an exceptional ornithological fauna: nearly 235 species (number might increase overtime). Free access to the domain, the barn and the mini-farm. Guided tours are also available.
    To go: 20 min drive.
    Informations : 05 61 69 12 97 or 06 50 19 26 82
    Route de Calmont Augé
    09270 MAZERES

  • Canal du midi

    listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site: by foot, by boat, by bike! Canal du Midi is one of the most grandiose achievements of the century of Louis XIV, as the Château de Versailles, Hôtel des Invalides or the fortifications network of Vauban. By foot: 240 km from Toulouse to Sète! You can simply go to Castelnaudary (20 min drive) and walk along the canal. There are also 2 loops that allow you to discover a bit more of the surrounding campaign/countryside :
  • At Gardouch (20 min drive), Agals trail and its variants will lead you through woods to discover beautiful views during a walk accessible to everyone.

    At Avignonet-Lauragais (20 min drive), a 15 km loop will introduce you to the charming historical heart of the village and will guide you to “Seuil de Naurouze”, a must-see place where the waters of Black Mountain lakes supply Canal du Midi.

    En bateau :

  • At Port Lauragais (25 min drive): Here you can rent electric boats for 1 or 2 hours without licence or sluice/lock crossing.
    réservation : 06 75 28 60 83

  • With Aimé Phiores, storyteller of the Lauragais, for an unusual discovery of Canal du Midi.
    Départ : Avignonet-Lauragais ; réservation : 05 61 83 89 89

  • A gourmet cruise aboard “the surcouf”: You will navigate from Renneville (20 min drive) to Seuil de Naurouze, on the most original part of Canal du Midi with unchanged sluices/locks, built around 1670 and that kept their authenticity.
    Réservations : 05 61 81 58 26

  • Medieval city of Mirepoix

    The city was rebuilt according to the plans of the bastides after a vast flood in 1289. The square has kept its original medieval structure. You will be able to see its 15th century roofs and superb half-timbered houses on wooden galleries. Mirepoix is famous for the “Maison des Consuls” decorated with carved wooden pieces, and for its old cathedral Saint Maurice with impressive dimensions (22 m in width). Very appealing, Mirepoix proposes many animations from April to November (Medieval festiva of the puppet, market of the potters, festival of the apple…). You can’t miss it: the big monday morning market! You will enjoy walking between the stalls in a friendly and colorful atmosphere.
    To go: 35 min drive.

  • Museum “La ferme d’Autrefois”

    Do you want to go back in the atmosphere of your parents and grandparents? Francis, a true enthusiast, has entirely reconstructed the interior/inside (as well as the objects of daily life and the tools used for work) of a farm from 1890 to 1950.
    To go: 40 min drive.

    440 route de Potié
    31450 Montlaur

  • Revel, art furniture city

    Built in 1342 by Philippe VI de Valois, Revel is a beautiful example of medieval urbanism in the southwest with its parallel and perpendicular streets leading to the central square where the 14th century market hall (one of the largest in France and which hosts one of the most beautiful markets in the country every Saturday) and the 19th century belfry take place. High place of marquetry since 1888, you will be able to discover in a unique museum in France (which welcomes multiple events), the history of the local craftsmen of the wood and the marquetry which contributed to the international fame of Revel.
    To go: 45 min drive.

  • Castle of Foix

    A brand new museographic space, some immersive rooms, to get to know Gaston Phébus, owner of the castle which you are sleeping in! A very offbeat exhibition and an escape game will eventually complete your visit.
    To go: 45 min drive.

  • Space city in Toulouse

    Discover real spaceships ; travel to the farthest reaches of the cosmos: 3D projection on a giant screen (as high as a 6-story building!), one of the largest planetariums in the world with a 360° hemispheric screen ; admire space treasures: rare objects, real space rocks ; discover the extraordinary life of astronauts ; discover the secrets of space ; make “la pluie et le beau temps” and meet a real weather forecaster from France.
    To go: 45 min drive.

  • The unmissable Carcassonne !

    Do you know the legend that gave its name to the city? Lady Carcas, following the death of her husband in battle against Charlemagne, took charge of the city’s defenses. Princess Carcas would have first used a ruse consisting of the built of straw men, which she had placed in each tower of the city walls each with his own crossbow. As the siege of the city dragged on (5 years!), Lady Carcas had the idea of taking the inventory of all her remaining reserves. The villagers bring to her a pig and a bag of wheat. She fattens the pig with the sack of wheat and then throws them from the highest tower of the city. Charlemagne and his men, believing that the city was still full of food to the point of wasting pigs, raised the siege. Lady Carcas, filled with joy by her victory, decided to ring all the bells of the city. One of Charlemagne’s men would then have screamed out “Carcas is ringing” (“Carcas sonne” in french), hence the name of the city. 

    To go: 50 min drive.

  • The Cammazes gully 

    At the beginning/source of Canal du Midi and the gates of Black Mountain, at 615m altitude. Pierre-Paul Riquet, who understood that only the collection of Black Mountain water would allow his future canal to cross the highest point of the Naurouze threshold at 189m, had two feeder channels built: the Rigole de la Montagne and the Rigole de la Plaine. The Rigole de la Montagne leading to the Cammazes. Vauban, a few years later, had the Rigole de la Montagne continued to the Cammazes and had the 122m long vault drilled, allowing the Rigole to flow into the Laudot to join the Saint-Férréol Lake.  A walk along the gully is particularly pleasant, calming and refreshing in summer. It is also possible to follow a small loop of 7.5km allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of the Rigole for a few kilometers and to return to the village by the fishermen’s path and the splendid banks of the lake. 

    To go: 50 min drive.

  • Durfort:  city of copper

    The craft village of Durfort takes place in the hollow of the Sor valley. The craft industry is still today the spearhead of the town. It is in full economic reconversion that the city is oriented on the work of the brassware in the 15th century. The fulling mills were equipped with heavy hammers called martinets, driven by the hydraulic energy of the Sor. Durfort counted up to 18 martinets. From there came out the jam makers, the “daubières”, the fishmongers… Durfort remains the only village in Occitanie to keep alive this ancestral knowledge of copper work. Other craftsmen have arrived and you can discover them in their workshop, all year.

    To go: 50 min drive.

More than 1 hour from the castle:

  • A great accrobranch

    And there are also inflatable games, (adults have a lot of fun too), an obscure maze…we challenge you to pass course #14!

    To go: 1 hour and 10 min drive.

    D3 – Route de L’Isle en Dodon
    31370 RIEUMES
    Tel : 05 62 14 71 61

  • Niaux’s cave

    It is one of the last decorated caves still open to the public. By the light of a lamp, with the emotion of an explorer, on 800 meters, the visitors follow the steps of the guide and reach the Black Room: a majestic room where more than 80 paintings of animals, executed in black line, associated with enigmatic geometric signs. For conservation reasons, the number of people and the duration of the visits are limited and reservations are required.

    To go: 1 hour drive.
    Reservation : 05 61 05 50 40

  • The castle-museum of Pastel

    The castle of Magrin (classified as a historic monument) houses the first Pastel museum in France, the plant that gave blue leaves to every country in Europe during the Renaissance.The museum, on four levels, has some rare curiosities. In summer, an audiovisual presentation on the history of the monument will take you on a journey from the Cathar era to the pastel Renaissance. During the 16th century, the region even became the largest pastel granary on the entire continent! Toulouse and all of Occitanie region was then the hub of this business. Nearly 40 000 tons per year are exported to London, Anvers, Hamburg or even in Orient via Marseille and Bordeaux. Modestly, at the castle of Mézerville, Béatrice grows them and will be happy to give you seeds if you want to bring back a (potentially living;) souvenir of your trip here.
    To go: 1 hour and 5 min drive.
    520 route du château
    81220 Magrin

  • The cave and museum of Mas d’Azil

    Recognized as an exceptional site by its dimensions, the cave of Mas d’Azil in Ariège, proposes a tour with an access footbridge which overhangs the river to reach the center of interpretation: ludic, digital and interactive. You will discover the life of the first men who occupied these places. Once in the cave and during the tour, the public will be able to attend a lighting of the cavities. At 800 meters, the museum presents a prehistoric collection, in addition to the visit of the cave.
    To go: 1 hour and 30 min drive.
    Chemin du Parc
    09190, Saint-Lizier

  • Hiking in the Pyrenees ariégeoises

    such as Beille plateau, at 90 min drive from the castle. The plateau is the starting point for hikes, accessible to everyone. There are also several mountain bike routes. Discover the canirandos or the carriage rides with Merens horses !

  • The village of Cordes sur Ciel 


    Built in 1222 by Raymond VII, count of Toulouse, this small village located at the bottom of Tarn is a treasure of Gothic architecture. Be careful, it climbs! This village was elected “favorite village of the French” in 2014. Medieval atmosphere guaranteed. Cordes sur Ciel is full of artists who mix tradition, knowledge and creativity: ceramics, enamels & pottery, jewelry, woodwork, leatherwork, ironwork or glasswork!

    To go: 1 hour and 40 min drive

  • The castles of Cathares

    The most/best preserved is the Puilaurens one, 100 min drive. The Cathares church is consituted of believers, and a clergy, administered by bishops and deacons. The Cathares communities live following the rules: poverty, chastity, vegetarianism and hand work. They oppose the Catholics by their dualism. For them, the carnal world is the work of the devil, and the souls are locked up in the “tunics of skin”. However, among historians, Catharism remains a controversial subject because there is no consensus in interpreting the content and meaning of this religious current. The Inquisition was created in 1233 in Languedoc and had full power. The penitent was absolved if he confessed his crime and everything he knew. The inquisitorial prison installed in Carcassonne, not far from the city, is called “le Mur”, we enter in it to not leave. The last Cathar dignitaries were condemned to the stake a bit more than a century after the beginning of the Crusade against the Albigensians.