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Our local and friendly network

In progress… It will be expanded as we meet 😉

  • L’ortieAn Audoise association to learn to recognize and cook wild edible plants.
  • Mohair du pastèl : A local production (from Mézerville) of sweater and other wool clothes/products.
  • The stars garden : few miles/kilometers from Mézerville, production of essential oils and other “hydrolats”.
  • Berengou’s farm : for fans of regional gastronomy, headed by the mayor’s family of Mézerville.

Nos Prestataires

  • Your mattresses: Tediber
  • we would have liked to offer you a 100% natural latex mattress, but it didn’t fit in our budget! At least the foams used by Tediber are recycled and recyclable and we like their global approach.
  • Your sheets and towels : 
    We have done a lot of research in order to find a silky, ecological linen, which doesn’t become rough and doesn’t need to be ironed nor put in the dryer ! 
  • Votre eau  filtered and dynamized with Amilo filter from EauVie
  • The indicators of potability of tap water are modified to remain within the norm…while waiting to formalize a more natural solution that will undoubtedly take years, we have chosen immediacy.
  • The website made by Damien – Solutions Web in Toulouse
    We are really happy with the website, it’s great isn’t it? And Damien is responsive, adaptive, understanding, patient…He takes care of everything at a fair price.
  • The photos : They are in majority taken by our friend Christophe, who is also shaman. Thanks to him we can say that the ghosts of the house are kind.
  • The logo made by Céline – Grain de Cel in Bordeaux
    We are also happy from it. Céline is generous and full of energy and she knows how to detect and capture your intention.

Anne’s peregrinations

  • Housing : Les Kerterres
    We have co-built one near to the north face of the castle (we will rent it as soon as we have installed dry toilets and a shower in the workshop).: 
  • Integrative medicineEdwige Nivet  in Palavas les Flots. A really lovely person who examines you from every angle!
    Réinfo Santé
  • Physiological awerness : for a deep inner exploration. Plan to spend some time with Anne if you are interested in this subject.
  • Local complementary and citizen currency : Anne has been working on this subject during 9 years with a great enthusiasm. You can find info on this other medium of exchange here et here. Plan to spend some time with Anne if you are interested in this subject.
    You will also find interesting videos on monney : Prenez Place ! A great idea from Philippe Derudder
  • Ethical banks: which don’t speculate with our money on financial markets and which don’t finance ecocidal and anti-climatic projects (with our money, always) but allow the birth of projects with strong social, environmental and cultural added value : LA NEF ; HÉLIOS
  • A different approach to life on a territory : TERA experiment in Lot et Garonne, which aims to create a cooperative ecosystem to relocate 85% of vital production to its inhabitants, to reduce its ecological footprint, and to value this production in local citizen money via an autonomy income
  • Other electricity and gas suppliers
  • Obviously it would be better to be able to do without it…we don’t know (yet!) how to do it in Mézerville: the roof and the walls are classified…the solar panels for example are prohibited to us and all the village too…if you have ideas, we will listen to you with great interest.
  • Phoning
    A sustainable, repairable and fair phone: the Fairphone that can be rented (economy of functionality) from the cooperative Commown with (or without) a committed telecom operator: Telcoop
  • …And the other alternative cooperatives : les Licoornes